About us

What does the client get:


Wiirk.com - it’s a simple and practical store of services, in which you will find executors for many different kind of services; such as writing, translating, design, programming, teaching, video, audio and other freelance services. The spectrum of the services is growing up all the time, therefore we believe that in a length of time in this store it will be possible to accomplish any kind of services.


In the project we look for for professional executors, control the quality of the works, which are being accomplished,  deal with difficult situations, assure security of the money, protect from fraud.


Goal  - to provide highest possible quality services without any frequent mistakes or problems that freelancers could do.

What does the freelancer get:

The executor get their own freelance service marketplace with an already installed electronic payments, marketing solutions, the flow of clients and other communication tools necessary to accomplish works.

Generally, working through wiirk.com the executor can provide services for the clients, who are in any place of the world without any financial investment.

All that is needed - professional skills or specialization in any concrete field of service, properly filled out information of profile (portfolio) and qualitative descriptions of provided services.



Our history started on a year 2012 from the agency tackling with texts, copywriting, ads and web solutions. We always liked to work with services and we were improving the quality of them every day. In a length of time the quantity of orders that we got - went up, therefore execution costs were growing up. Then we clearly understood that there are only two options. To become a boutique style supplier with the highest prices in the market. Or fully analyse the model of our work and deal only with the thing, that we know the best - satisfy big amount of our clients’ needs offering the qualitative services for reasonable price.

Using our gained experience, we created automated store of services - wiirk.com, which first of all is devoted for people. Using direct communication between the executor and the client, removing the performance of the third person, who only increases the price of service. Using this direct communication principle people can save the costs up to several times - due to, there is no more need of intermediate serving and prices increasing enterprise. Free of charge service guarantee ensures for the client security of his money and guarantees the order accomplished in time.


What do we seek:


To become a practical project, which effectively - in a click of few buttons would help finding a freelancer for any kind of service.

A project, where the customer can directly collaborate with the executor and negotiate about the best decision of the price.

A place connecting the most talented executors of all the world and ensuring a constant job for them.

To become a virtual personal office room for every professional freelancer.


To create an alternative labor market, which doesn’t depend on geographical position, nationality, gender or any other stereotypes.