What kind of services can I order?

You can apply for different orders and requirements.

A lot of different kind of freelancers are working in the system from all around the world.

Almost every single order gets a required executor.


Who acomplishes the works?

The competent freelancers - professionals of their fields. They are selected by trial. The quality of their services is observed and supervised. If the executors do not conform the requirements of the project or get complaints from the clients, they are eliminated from the system.


How the work is being done?

There are 2 possible executing and ordering options of submission:

  1. Choose the best deal that you like and press "Order”.
  2. Publish your order in auction - describe about it detally.

In both cases you get the answer from the executor and then you discuss about the details or the work. If you are pleased about everything, you pay the reservation fee, which you agreed on before with the executor.

The executor accomplishes your order and submits the agreed result.


How do the payments work?

You transfer the payment directly through the project straight after when you agree all conditions with the executor.

The payments are accepted through safe paying systems or operators (Paypal, Paysera).

The executor gets your payment only after the work is accomplished, until then your money are frozen.


What is your working time?

We register the orders 7/24.


What can I do if I have missunderstandings with the executor?

If between the customer and the executor appeared some kind of argument and it’s impossible to solve it peacefully, one of the parties can contact the dispute resolution commission: complaint (@)wiirk.com