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Game design

We are looking for someone who can design us 5 to 6 pages for a basic game. The logo is already available and the game is related to a fitness coach. Please go through the document which includes all

7881349 [2017-07-10 11:58]    

I need an English document typed up in Welsh asap

I have a 20 page document in English, which needs typing up and translated in Welsh. This is quite urgent and I need it within the next few days.

Rašto darbai [2017-07-05 07:59]    

website copywriting

Need to cpywrite text for different sections of company profile.

employer [2017-06-30 07:05]    

15 EUR
sales copywriting

looking for copywriter, who can write engaging sales copy. Product: sunglasses  300 words

employer [2017-06-30 06:58]    

20 EUR
script copywriting

Need to copywrite a script for sales on phone.  Kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipmentKitchen equipmentKitchen equipmentKitchen equipment

employer [2017-06-30 06:51]    

45 EUR
blog copywriting

3 Articles, 500 words each.  Theme Active leisure. 

employer [2017-06-30 06:49]    

30 EUR
rewrite a website content

need to readproof and rewrite a website content to make is up-to date an SEO optimized.

employer [2017-06-30 06:48]    

20 EUR
web copy copywriting

About 500 words for website content.

employer [2017-06-30 06:45]    

15 EUR
Landing page content

Perfectly SEO optimized landing page copywriting. ~ 300 words.  Design services

employer [2017-06-30 06:42]    

15 EUR
SEO copywriting

400 - 500 words of qualified Article. Theme: fashion

employer [2017-06-30 06:39]    

website content cpywriting

Need to copywrite: About US Website introduction  Services  full price - under agreement

employer [2017-06-30 06:33]    

20 EUR
business copywriting service

about 500 words, shoes sales, Article for internet.

employer [2017-06-30 06:30]    

50 EUR
website copywriting

looking for copywriter to create full, seo optimized website content.

employer [2017-06-30 06:26]    

20 EUR
Sales generating copywriting

looking for creative copywriter to create sales generatic sales copy. aprox. 400 words

employer [2017-06-30 06:25]    

15 EUR
Copywrite technical text

Need to create sales promotion for engineering items. about 300 words

employer [2017-06-30 06:22]    

28 EUR
3 Articles copywrite is needed

Looking fr copywriter to create 3 SEO optimized Articles for magazine 

employer [2017-06-30 06:21]    

15 EUR
leaflets copywriting

eye-catching leaflets need to be created for summer festival. Rus + En languages. both-sided. up to 50 words.

employer [2017-06-29 07:06]    

55 EUR
copywriting for weekly magazine

3 Articles is needed for fashion magazine. ~500 words each.

employer [2017-06-29 07:03]    

30 EUR
Copywriting for SEO optimization

Need to write or professionally rewrite some Articles for SEO. about 1000 words

employer [2017-06-29 06:42]    

50 EUR
website content

Full website content need to be created. Transportation Company. 

employer [2017-06-29 06:40]    

36 EUR
Sales copywriting

looking for copywriter for sales pitch texts. 3 x 300 words.

employer [2017-06-29 06:39]    

30 EUR
copywriting for blog

blog owner is looking for copywriter. Need to write 2 Articles (500 words each). Keywords given.

employer [2017-06-29 06:36]    

45 EUR
content rewriting

looking for person who can rewrite full website content. Medicine.

employer [2017-06-29 06:34]    

25 EUR
copywrite is needed

looking for copywriter who can create "About us" page.  Basic information given. Aprox 500 words

employer [2017-06-29 06:32]    

25 EUR
need to copywrite an Article (tourism)

Aprox 500 words,  SEO optimzed,  For blog,

employer [2017-06-29 06:30]    

50 EUR
loooking for copywriter (different tasks)

Articles, broshures, webcontent - everything for business. 

employer [2017-06-29 06:29]    

20 EUR
product description (copywriting)

Company is looking for someone to copywrite a short description. Electronic items.

employer [2017-06-29 06:26]    

25 EUR
copywrite translation

looking for for translator who can translate technical text. Esp - En.

employer [2017-06-29 06:25]    

14 EUR
Copywriting for business

need to copywrite an Article for business.  Theme: food

employer [2017-06-29 06:23]