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200 EUR
Sleek and top professional finance power point presentation (A4 printable)

 Need a designer who can design a power point full business presentation from start to finish: fonts (size/colours/alignment) images infographs style of the slides printable on A4 Need a very sleek

employer [2017-05-22 09:20]    

17 EUR
Name hand written in various typographic/calligraphic fonts. (Sketches)

 I need a professional typography or calligrapher to hand write my name in as many different fonts as possible. I WANT THE SKETCHES ONLY. 

employer [2017-05-22 09:19]    

20 EUR
Logo and Business Card

I am looking for a logo design initially for a business cards, headed paper and basic stationery. It is an accountancy business called 'DB Accounting'. I would like it to be a less corporate and more

employer [2017-05-22 09:18]    

I need someone to review and edit my artwork for children’s picture book

I need someone with experience of editing artwork for commercial print. I have doen my picture book on indesign but need all images checked and corrected etc to ensure no errors before the print run

employer [2017-05-22 09:17]    

I need a professional fashion designer

I have my own designs of a swimwear line, i need support to develop my designs to a professional level and to create professional technical sketches for the purposes of creating samples in partnership

employer [2017-05-22 09:16]    

Create an iPad app

 I am looking for an ipad app developer. The project is to create coursework planning tool. To help students manages their courseworks and coursework sub-task efficiently and in a timely manner. The

employer [2017-05-22 09:16]    

250 EUR
Python - sneaker bot

I need a developer that can create a script too purchase clothing from when it releases new items each week. Experience with selenium and requests will be needed. Python prefered.

employer [2017-05-08 13:35]    

100 EUR
Need an American native dubber to record phonics material

project requirement 1. The dubber should be a native American,who speaks very standard and beautiful American English without accent. 2. The dubber should use professional equipment,to do the

employer [2017-05-08 13:34]    

An article about mac

Structure: Introduction Part 1. How to transfer files from Mac to iPad in one Click Use MobileTrans, description, steps with screenshots.  MobileTrans can transfer photos, music, videos, etc. Part 2.

employer [2017-05-08 13:33]    

30 EUR
I need a quick 3 min video made

Hey, so i need a quick 3 min. video made as a project. The video is basically a timeline of the Apollo 1 mission. So the video only needs the dates of what was happening at that time. With each date

employer [2017-05-08 13:32]    

50 EUR
Wordpress Expert to update our website

Only for PRO Programming & Web

 I applied for the WPML plugin. When I receive it, please install WPML for website translations on our site for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Lithuanian. 2. On the Dashboard page

employer [2017-05-08 13:31]    

80 EUR
Wordpress site

This will be a Loan review website that will include a menu bar going to pages Home |About|Blog |Contact | Privacy |Rate & Terms I will have all the content prepared and the photos that go with it

employer [2017-05-08 13:30]    

25 EUR
Technical Review of Windows 10 OS Handout for Introductory Lesson to Topic

I am providing a Computer Tutoring Service to Home Computer Users (i.e families, school and college students and seniors) in Dublin, Ireland and I am looking to have a Windows 10 OS Handout

employer [2017-05-08 13:29]    

190 EUR
Brand Identity, + Packaging & Stationary Design

I have a project for an online butcher shop, delivering meat nationwide.  Currently I am looking for a designer who can help me to create our brand identity including: Logo Stationary - business card/

employer [2017-05-08 13:27]    

15 EUR
I need mobile money payment API integrated on my wordpress site


employer [2017-05-08 13:26]    

40 EUR
Professional logo + business card design

A renewable energy company. Would like a blue/green waveform concept.  Ideas for the visual style: Infinity symbol, possibly open ended, green/blue colour scheme, green waveform preferable Preferred

employer [2017-05-08 13:25]    

20 EUR
Social Media Logo!

Hello, I'm making a YouTube channel that goes by the name Aqua Junkies, We do outdoor activities like (Cliff Jumping, Snorkeling, Photography and Cinematography. I want a logo with that has a

employer [2017-05-07 15:32]    

100 EUR
I need space planning for offices space

I need space planning for offices, the total space is around 800 m2, I need 50-60 offices as following (10, 12, 16, 24) m2 ( most of them will be 10 m2) as i need as much as possible of number of

employer [2017-05-04 20:20]    

50 EUR
Need professional creative video editor // Fluent in Premiere Pro and After Effects

 I am looking for a good video editor. You need to be fluent in Premiere Pro and After Effects. I have regular work. Most of my work is 15-20 second teaser style videos. Sometimes a promo video that

employer [2017-05-04 20:19]    

10 EUR
Convert Company Logo to a .PES (Brother Embroidery Format) File in two Sizes

Same Logo however, two sizes are required: 1 x 2100mm wide & 1 x 1100mm wide.

employer [2017-05-04 20:18]    

Storyteller-creative content writer

Hi, we are looking for storyteller-creative content writer. We need help with 3 Linkedln profiles for our top-management. We don't want to make them looking standard-corporate, so we need a person

employer [2017-05-04 20:16]    

HTML coder for template design - knowledge of ClickDimension required

Only for PRO Programming & Web

General information for the website: Charity newsletters Kind of development: Customization of existing website Description of every page/module: Looking for a HTML/CSS coder to re-develop our HTML

employer [2017-05-04 20:16]    

30 EUR
Create survey questions

The topic - The effects of cosmpolitanism on consumer ethnocentrism , brand origin identification and domestic product purchas. Need survey questions ASAP, have an example

Rašto darbai [2017-04-26 07:38]    

Professional Voiceover

Need a voice-over for an advertising awards case study video. This is the first draft of the case study with a dummy v/o - Specifications: - Indian accent - Dramatic and

employer [2017-04-25 18:32]    

Translation from English into Finnish

Language pair: English to Finnish Word count: 1514 Task: Translation Subject matter: Food ingredients and instructions to cook Deadline: Wednesday, May 3d, 11 AM

employer [2017-04-25 18:31]    

Sales and Marketing Leads

The role is divided into two broad aspects: Marketing & Operations Marketing front:  In general your overall goal is to popularize the name of Questerra across educational & travel networks of USA &

employer [2017-04-25 18:29]    

10 EUR
Opencart Product Description Issues

On the product description pages on a mobile/tablet the product description is all mixed together and does not look great. This needs resolving for all website pages. The website address is

employer [2017-04-25 18:28]    

I need an image to be converted into vector /logo.

hi i need an image to be converted into vector/logo asap .. .. apply only if you feel you can do this.

employer [2017-04-25 18:26]    

Website fix

I have a wordpress website which has just been updated to 4.7.4 real home theme. I now have problems uploading photos and editing. I need help fast.

employer [2017-04-22 13:35]    

20 EUR
I Need a Professional PSD to HTML Designer

I use for the project ✓ Full HTML5 & CSS3 ✓ Semantic MarkUp ✓ Cross-Browser Compatible! (Firefox,IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera) ✓ Mobile Friendly ✓ Responsive Design ✓ I use Twitter Bootstrap

employer [2017-04-22 13:34]