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I will create advertizing text

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I will create advertizing text

The advertizing text (online, offline) is written at the final stage of creation of material. It is ready to be connected at a stage of imposition, a prototype or the sketch. The author needs to see a graphics in advance and to know restrictions of a site!

1. Way back (from the text to a graphics) wasteful. It is simpler to inscribe words in limited space without prejudice to a sense and influence. You go back - there will be problems: it is much more difficul to adaptate graphics to words.
2. Operation volume. For mailing, a flyer, sometimes one deal is enough. Advertizing and promo-article is more volume. Select options.
3. Marketing whale, the prospectus, the directory, and other multipart materials - tis job is more complex and more expensive. Extra options are necessary.
4. The text of the presentation or the turnkey presentation - advertizing, but not the independent instrument of influence (don't confuse to CP). Actually it is the short plan of the report with visual representation of information. I write the text under your graphics or I will develop "turnkey", but on the basis of free templates. Select options.

I am not a designer, I am copywriter. From scratch I am not engaged in a graphics. Words in harmony with it, I attract interest of your audience. As the author with wealth of experience I am able to induce to making of the necessary action (purchase, making order, click, etc).

Estimate my opportunities, having glanced in my portfolio.


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Great Job! Look forward to doing more business!
You did a super job. Could not be happier.
Super. Will order from him again!
Very cool, highly recommended !
Thank you very helpful I would do this again the future great job
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I'm a professional writer with branding expert. My goal is helping my clients with professional, creative and effective writing, also a researcher in all background. Hardworking and loyal, I am anxiously waiting to work for you.

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