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I can design great, beautiful and effective motion graphics design for your company, Organization, Non-Profits. I play with colors and shapes of the logo to get some interesting and eye catchy animations.Deliverables - The client will receive the following once the designs are approved: 
.mov and .mp4 file of each Motion Design Video. 
.jpg file of the main frame from the motion Design Video and fonts used.I will optimize the video for the web if required.
  • Choose 1 among the following video sizes: 
  • HDV/HDTV 720p 25fps 
  • HDV/HDTV 720p 29.97fps 
  • HDTV 1080p 24fps 
  • HDTV 1080p 25fps 
  • HDTV 1080p 29.97fps 
  • HDV 1080p 25fps 
  • HDV 1080p 29.97fps 
  • DVCPRO HD 720p 23.976fps 
  • DVCPRO HD 720p 29.97fps 
  • DVCPRO HD 1080p 29.97fps 
  • NTSC DV 
  • NTSC DV Widescreen 
  • NTSC DV Widescreen 23.936 
  • NTSC D1 
  • NTSC D1 Widescreen 
  • NTSC D1 Square Pixel 
  • NTSC D1 Widescreen Square Pixel 
  • PAL D1/DV 
  • PAL D1/DV Widescreen 
  • PAL D1/DV Square Pixel 
  • PAL D1/DV Widescreen Square Pixel
What I Need: 
  • - Description of the business or service. 
  • - Videos of some ideas you have in mind of how you want your Motion Design to be.In case no videos are provided We'll use our creativity and experience to come up with the motion design. 
  • - Preferred colors. Look and feel. 
  • - Attachment of Logo(Vector or Raster with transparency). 
  • - If needed provide any 2 text info like Subtitle, Slogan, Website URL, Quotes. 
  • - The required dimensions of the final approved video. 
  • - Preferred Graphics to be use like background and icons (optional but helpful) 
  • - Anything specific: Complete, Clear and Easy to understand instructions or suggestions. 
  • - Permission to showcase the design in my portfolio. 
  • - Any other necessary requirement from the client.
Please click "Start now" to inquire or if you have any questions, or if you are ready to have Professional Motion Graphics Design.



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Great Job! Look forward to doing more business!
great job as usual - thank you
Good Experience!
Comprehensive and well formatted! Will definitely use again
This is a great , I was provided with lots of info
Very cool, highly recommended !
Good Experience!
Good Experience!
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