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Starting a business requires careful planning and money. How does one go about raising capital for ones business? Writing a business plan is the best thing to do to attract investors and lenders to want to lend you money to start your business.
Much like a builder uses blueprints to make sure that a building will be structurally safe and sound, the task of creating and writing a plan for your business — called a business plan — will assist you in finding out whether your business will be financially sound from the beginning. Without a proper business plan, you leave far too many things that can go wrong to chance.A good business plan contains a detailed description of your business, including specific details about how your business will operate, a section dedicated to market research and different types of marketing strategies, a solid analysis of your main competitors, and several detailed financial forecasts.Writing a detailed, thought-out and organized business plan increases your chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur. A good business plan can help:
  • Decide whether your business has a chance of being profitable
  • Give an estimate of your start-up costs, and how much capital you’ll need to borrow, invest or finance
  • Persuade angel investors and lenders to fund your business
  • Show a revenue estimate (by defining who your market is — who your customers will most likely be — and the percentage of the market in your industry you can expect to reach)
  • Make revenue from the start by creating an effective marketing strategy
  • Be competitive in the marketplace (through an analysis of what your competition lacks or is good at and be better), and
  • Forecast potential issues so you can solve them before they become huge disasters.
Planning your business finances can show potential investors that your business idea will work. 
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This is a great , I was provided with lots of info
Awesome Job, will hire again!
Awesome Job, will hire again!
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This is a great , I was provided with lots of info
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