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I will create Website on Wordpress platform

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I will create Website on Wordpress platform

I will create a website based on your individual needs. You need website on Wordpress platform? I will create a webpage according to you specific needs and your given information. If you feel that you have need, I will provide you full consultation and I'll teach you how to use it. If you're having a lot of doubt of what you need, first of all you need to contact me and we will decide on work plan together. The most important thing for me is to guarantee you a professional result.

What is the price?

It depends on your needs, so I am giving full price list and Let's agree!

  • - Consultation and recommendation, how I suggest to create whole webpage - 30Eur.
  • - Adapting Wordpress according to your requirements. It totally depends on your needs, but regular price is 50 - 100Eur.
  • - Additional texts - 10 Eur per 250 words text
  • - If needed specific work, my 1 hour of work with wordpress is 15Eur.
To be very clear about the cost, just provide your idea - vision and I will suggest, what is needed. In same way we will agree on price and other details.
Have questions? Please contact me!


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